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Finding Our Fathers II
After my father passed away, I searched through his briefcase and other items to find the remnants of his life. I’ve kept the briefcase in my closet all these years, along with some other objects found in the drawer of his nightstand.  I felt a calling to revisit these things lately, some eleven years after my father’s passing, and in doing so,found a new level of thought and memory pertaining to him, and to my relationship with him.  When I told a good friend about what I was doing, she exclaimed, “Oh, I have my father’s medical case”, and an idea was born.  Father’s and daughters have been written about, thought about, examined and dissected.  What interests me about this project is the relationship daughters maintain with their fathers once their fathers have passed on.  What are the objects daughters choose to save, and what stories are told by their contents.  I photographed the items, held them, looked through them and then wrote about my father. A small way to be with him still, and to remember the many different parts of his life.