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Flavor of the Day

This project began as a class assignment in which the assignment was "Six Degrees", to be interpreted as narrowly or widely as desired.  As I wandered down the aisle of the supermarket, the thought came to me to buy six pints of ice cream, with no further inspiration than that at the moment.  I thought, I could ate one pint of ice cream every night for six nights and then take my portrait each night, or maybe make a different sundae every night and photograph it with different place settings.  However, the former was ruled out due to self-preservation, and the latter was nixed because it seemed boring.  Eventually it occurred to me that there were so many issues of concern to me in the world that I should somehow incorporate these social troubles.  And so, "Flavor of the Day" was born.  The flavors, as reflected in the sign above are a meditation on the many important issues we face, delivered in a way that hopefully creates a dialogue at least internally, and is a more palatable and less threatening mode of conveyance.